This is 3 collections of rare book scans on 5 DVD's. You get a $30 discount when you buy them together here.


This is my most important and valued set of vintage book scans for sale. It encompasses the founding of the governments and empires we all live in (Founding Fathers), as well as the languages and symbolism in which our history was written (Ancient Language & Symbolism), and how to discern truth from from all of it (Trivium).


Visit each individual collection listing to see contents. We do not have enough room for each one in this listing.


If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $40 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.


Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.



Book scans are on 5 plain data DVDs. You must have a computer in order to use or transfer the files on to your reading devices. DVD's will not work in Television DVD players. You must have a DVD-rom reader on your computer to access the files and share them on your preferred reading devices.


All orders ship in 48hrs.


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The Enlightened Mind (Bundle Discount)

  • A collection of MANY old books with every page scanned. Scans are in PDF ebook format and put on disc (Data DVD). Instant downloads are also available if you do not wish to wait for discs in the mail.