This collection is all about reading palms, faces and physiology. WARNING - a few of these books became very unpopular over time, because they were considered to be racist and sexist by some. But still there is much knowledge to be found in this collection. This is the largest collection of such books you will find anywhere.


This collection is a true gem.

The Occult University Library is proud to present 180 rare books ...

The pocket Lavater, or, The science of physiognomy (1832).pdf

The principles of phrenology (1838).pdf

The science of facial expression ; the new system of diagnosis, based on original researches and discoveries (1917).pdf

The science of judging men (1917).pdf

The science of palmistry and its relations to astrology and phrenology (1901).pdf

The science of the hand; or, The art of recognising the tendencies of the human mind by the observation of the formations of the hands (1886).pdf

The secret book of the black arts (1878).pdf

The student's assistant in astronomy and astrology ... Also a discourse on the harmony of phrenology, astrology, and physiognomy (1836).pdf

The study of the human face (1865).pdf

The surgical and physiological works of John Abernethy (1825).pdf

The twelve qualities of mind, or, Outlines of a new system of physiognomy, no. II (1850).pdf

Treatise on the influence of climate on the human species ; and on the varieties of men resulting from it (1812).pdf

Uncle Sam's letters on phrenology to his millions of friends in America (1896).pdf

Views of nature; or, Contemplations on the sublime phenomena of creation (1884).pdf

Why you are what you are (1922).pdf

A catechism of phrenology ; illustrative of the principles of that science (1835).pdf

A compendium of insanity (1898).pdf

A complete course of insturction in radial character reading (1904).pdf

A defence of phrenology (1847).pdf

A handbook of phrenology (1870).pdf

A key to phrenology (1836).pdf

A manual of cheirosophy (1885).pdf

A manual of occultism, (1914).pdf

A new illustrated hand-book of phrenology, physiology and physiognomy (1878).pdf

A new race phrenology (1898).pdf

A reply to Sir David Brewster's strictures on physiognomy and phrenology (1863).pdf

A synopsis of practical phrenology. Compiled for the use of pupils (1839).pdf

A system of phrenology (1834).pdf

A system of practical and scientific physiognomy; or, How to read faces Vol 1 (1890).pdf

A system of practical and scientific physiognomy; or, How to read faces Vol 2 (1890).pdf

A treatise on human nature and physiognomy (1882).pdf

A view of the philosophical principles of phrenology (1845).pdf

A vindication of phrenology (1894).pdf

Alphabet of phrenology (1833).pdf

An attempt to establish physiognomy upon scientific principles (1817).pdf

An epitome of phrenology (1844).pdf

An epitome of phrenology and temperamental physiology (1857).pdf

An essay on the physiognomy and physiology of the present inhabitants of Britain (1829).pdf

An essay on the truth of physiognomy ; and its application to medicine (1807).pdf

An examination of phrenology (1837).pdf

An introduction to phrenology (1837).pdf

An original and illustrated physiological and physiognomical chart (1873).pdf

Andronomy, or, Magneto-physiognomico-craniology (1859).pdf

Anthropography or Bible phrenology of the nations and tribes that sprang from Abraham (1903).pdf

Anthroponomy (1869).pdf

Anthroponomy, or, Magneto-physiognomico-craniology ; a new system on the magnetic constitution of man (1863).pdf

Aspects of nature, in different lands and different climates; with scientific elucidations (1849).pdf

Brain and mind; or, Mental science considered in accordance withthe principles of phrenology, and in relation to modern physiology (1882).pdf

Character analysis in condensed form (1919).pdf

Character analysis, text booklet and self instructor (1916).pdf

Character building and reading; a correlation of the facts of psychology and physiology in their relation to soul discipline and physiognomy (1911).pdf

Character revelations of mind and body (1922).pdf

Characterology (1920).pdf

Cheiro's language of the hand (1900).pdf

Chiromancie nouvelle (1859).pdf

Chiromancy, or The science of palmistry (1883).pdf

Christian phrenology (1835).pdf

Christian phrenology ; a guide to selfknowledge (1839).pdf

Comparative physiognomy; or, Resemblances between men and animals (1852).pdf

Coombs' popular phrenology (1865).pdf

Coombs's popular phrenology (1841).pdf

Descriptive mentality from the head, face and hand (1899).pdf

Elements of phrenology (1827).pdf

Elements of phrenology (1834).pdf

And many more!!!

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $20 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.

Books are on 1 data DVD. You must have a computer in order to use or transfer the files on to your reading devices. DVD's will not work in DVD players. You must have a DVD reader on your computer to access the files and transfer to your preferred reading devices.

Palmistry - Phrenology - Physiognomy

  • A collection of MANY old books with every page scanned. Scans are in PDF ebook format and put on disc (Data DVD). Instant downloads are also available if you do not wish to wait for discs in the mail.