Here we have the most occulted man in modern history and the largest collection on the internet. This man was surely ahead of his time. We have here official FBI declassified documents as well as letters, all articles from the New York times to Science Daily, lectures, books written by Tesla as well as written on his genius and rare pictures and documents.

You think you know Tesla but you really dont.

Included here are....

A Machine to End War, by Nikola Tesla, 1937

Alternating Current Motors, by Nikola Tesla, 1888

Alternating Currents, By Nikola Tesla, Electrical World, 1891


Currents_of_high_potential, Snow 1918

Discoveries_and_inventions_of_the_nineteenth century, Routledge 1903

Dissapation of Electrical Energy, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Engineering, 1892

Dr. Tesla Talks of Gas Turbines, Motor World, 1911

Electric Autos, by Nikola Tesla, 1904

Electric Drive for Battle Ship, by Nikola Tesla, New York Herald, 1917

Electrical Oscillators, by Nikola Tesla, 1919

Electricity_at_the_Columbian_Exposition, Barrett 1894

Energy Without Wires As A Means for Furthering Peace, by Nikola Tesla, 1905

Eternal Source of Energy of the Universe, by Nikola Tesla, 1932

Experiments with Alternate Currents by Nikola Tesla 1904

Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Frequency, by Nikola Tesla, 1891

Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential, by Nikola Tesla, 1892

Famous Scientific Illusions, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Experimenter, 1919

High Frequency Oscillators, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Engineer, 1898

How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destiny, by Nikola Tesla, 1915

Influence of Solar Radiaton, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Review, 1912

Interview with Nikola Tesla, New Wizard of the West, 1899

Inventor Tesla's New Plant Nearing Completion, 1902

Mr Tesla's Vision, by Nikola Tesla, New York Times, 1908


NICOLA TESLA AND HIS WORK - Engineering_Magazine 1894

Nikola Tesla - Lectures, Patents, Articles - RARE Out of Print

NIKOLA TESLA - The_Century_1894

NIKOLA TESLA AND HIS OSCILLATOR - The_wonders_of_modern_mechanism 1904

Nikola Tesla and the Tesla Coil, Electrical Review, 1899

Nikola Tesla Sees A Wireless Vision, New York Times, 1915

Nikola Tesla's New Wireless, Electrical Engineer, 1909

On Current Interrupters, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Review, 1899

On Electricity, by Nikola Tesla, Electric Review, 1895

On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomenon, by Nikola Tesla, 1893

Polyphase_electric_currents,Thompson 1903

Problem of Increasing Human Energy, by Nikola Tesla, Century Illustrated Magazine, 1900

Radiodynamics - MEISSNER 1916

SCIENCE AND FICTION - popular_science_monthly_1900

Some Personal Recollections, by Nikola Tesla, Scientific American, 1915

Talking with the Planets, by Nikola Tesla, Colliers Weekly, 1901

TESLA AND THE MULTIPHASE MOTOR - Electricity_in_Every_day_Life 1905

TESLA BIOGRAPHY - National_Cyclopaedia 1896

Tesla Predicts Ships Powered by Shore Beam, New York Herald, 1935

Tesla Tells of New Radio Theories, New York Herald, 1929

Tesla Tries To Prevent World War II, John O'Neal, Unpublished Chapter

Tesla's New Device Like Bolts of Thor, New York Times, 1915

Tesla's New Discovery, New York Sun, 1901

Tesla's New Monarch of Machines, New York Herald, 1911

Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions, 1895

Tesla's Views on Electricity and War, Electrical Experimenter, 1914

Tesla's Wireless Torpedo, by Nikola Tesla, New York Times, 1907

The Future of Wireless Art, 1908

The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla 1896

THE TESLA TURBINE - The_worlds_work_1912

The True Wireless, by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Review, 1914

The Wonder World to Be Created by Electricity, by Nikola Tesla, 1915

TO-MORROWS WIRELESS - The_Cosmopolitan_1914

Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires, by Nikola Tesla, 1904

Transmission_of_power, Westinghouse 1893

Tuned Lightening, by Nikola Tesla, 1908


Views on Power, by Nikola Tesla, New York Herald, 1932

When Woman is Boss, An Interview with Nikola Tesla, Colliers, 1926


Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony with Special Article from Nikola Tesla

Wireless_Telegraphy, Collins 1905

Wonders of the Future, by Nikola Tesla, 1916

World of System Wireless, by Nikola Tesla, 1927



Building Capacitator - Tesla Coil

George Haller - The Tesla High Frequency Coil (1910)

How To Build a Solid State Tesla Coil

How To Construct A Working 250 Kv Tesla Coil

How to Make a Tesla Coil

Induction Coils How to Make, Use, and Repair Them (1901)

Info and Formulas for Building a Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil Plans

The Complete Nikola Tesla US Patent List


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Nikola Telsa De-occulted

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