This collection is the largest collection you will find of books on Native American history. Keep in mind that some of these early books were written by settlers and pioneers who were not very friendly to them, so there are some works which are racist or cruel. We definitely do not share those views, but we feel that they are important in order to illustrate the times. Other than that, this is an amazing collection which will give you insight like no other on early Native American life.



The Occult University Library is proud to present 365 rare books ...


100 great battles of the rebellion 1906.pdf

A bibliography on the agriculture of the American Indians 1942.pdf

A Catholic prayerbook and catechism in the Otchipwe-Indian language 1880.pdf

A chapter in the history of Cleveland 1895.pdf

A collection of gesture-signs and signals of the North American Indians 1880.pdf

A concise dictionary of the Ojibway Indian language 1903.pdf

A correct and authentic narrative of the Indian war in Florida 1836.pdf

A dramatization of Longfellow's Hiawatha 1895.pdf

A further illustration of the case of the Seneca Indians in the State of New York 1841.pdf

A history of the Indian wars with the first settlers of the United States 1812.pdf

A letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1853.pdf

A mission to the Indians, from the Indian committee of Baltimore 1862.pdf

A narrative of the early days and remembrances of Oceola Nikkanochee 1841.pdf

A narrative of the Indian wars in New England 1801.pdf

A new survey of the West-India's 1648.pdf

A new voyage and description of the isthmus of America 1704.pdf

A new voyage to Carolina 1709.pdf

A selection of some of the most interesting narratives of outrages committed by the Indians in their wars with the white people V1 1808.pdf

A study in the etymology of the Indian place name Missisquoi 1906.pdf

A tour in the United States of America Vol 1 1784.pdf

A tour in the United States of America Vol 2 1784.pdf

A true history of the three brave Indian spies 1887.pdf

Aboriginal pottery of the Eastern United States 1903.pdf

Adventures of the Ojibbeway and Ioway Indians 1852.pdf

Aleutian Indian and English dictionary 1896.pdf

algonquin indian tales 1903.pdf

Almanac ; Dr. Morse's Indian root pills 1901.pdf

Alphabetical Vocabulary of the Chinook Language - 1863.pdf

America; being an accurate description of the Nevv VVorld 1670.pdf

American hero-myths 1882.pdf

American history, comprising historical sketches of the Indian tribes 1847.pdf

American Indian corn 1917.pdf

American Indian Fairy Tales 1921.pdf

American Indian freemasonry 1919.pdf

Among the Pimas 1893.pdf

Among the Sioux of Dakota 1881.pdf

An empire in pawn 1909.pdf

An essay on the malignant pestilential fever introduced into the West Indian islands Vol 1 1801.pdf

An essay on the malignant pestilential fever introduced into the West Indian islands Vol 2 1801.pdf

An historical and geographical account of the province and country of Pensilvania 1698.pdf

An interesting account of the voyages and travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke 1813.pdf

An unrecorded chapter of the Indian Mutiny 1894.pdf

Archives of aboriginal knowledge V1-6 1860

Biography and history of the Indians of North America 1837.pdf

Blue book of Schuylkill County 1916.pdf

Case of Samuel Mohawk, an indian of the Seneca tribe 1843.pdf

Cathlamet on the Columbia 1906.pdf

Central American and West Indian archaeology 1916.pdf

Cherokee Indians 1848.pdf

Cholera, its character and treatment 1832.pdf

Chronicles of border warfare 1831.pdf

Civilization of the Indian natives 1830.pdf

Conquering the wilderness 1895.pdf

Creation myths of primitive America 1898.pdf

Descriptive catalogue with reproductions of life-size bust portraits of famous Indian chiefs 1909.pdf

Dictionary of American-Indian place and proper names in New England 1909.pdf

Discourse on the surviving remnant of the Indian race 1836.pdf

Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian war of 1851 (1892).pdf

Docas, the Indian boy of Santa Clara 1899.pdf

Entertainment given by the Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West 1899.pdf

Famous Indian chiefs 1909.pdf

Famous Indian chiefs I have known 1908.pdf

First book of Indian botany 1907.pdf

Five Civilized Tribes Of Indian Territory 1893.pdf

Folk lore notes 1914.pdf

Folk-lore and legends; North American Indian 1890.pdf

Folk-lore of the Musquakie 1904.pdf

Four weeks among some of the Sioux tribes of Dakota and Nebraska 1882.pdf

Frost's pictorial history of Indian wars and captivities 1872.pdf


And many more!!!


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