Myths and Legend are everywhere. This series of rare books is a wealth of characters, places and ideas in modern culture that you never knew were based on myth. From characters in movies, to pop stars, to the names of products. You will be shocked to discover how much myth has influenced modern times. Myth and lore are literally everywhere you go.

The vast majority of these books are out of print. The art works you will find in these books are as rare as rare gets. I personally feel that there is more to learn about a culture through understanding their myths, rather than their history books. You will learn much about the nature and motivation of men, as well as, the beliefs of some of the most powerful. We have every culture covered in this collection.

Here is a list of the 542 Classics...

Vedic mythology (1897).pdf




Virgil's Aeneid, books VII and VIII [microform] (1870).pdf

W. V.'s golden legend- (1898).pdf

Was the Shakespeare after all a myth (1888).pdf

Windlestraw - a book of verse, with legends in rhyme of the plants and animals (1910).pdf

Winged victory (1920).pdf

Wonder tales from the Greek & Roman myths (1920).pdf




Zoological mythology- or, The legends of animals (1872).pdf


1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Described (1899).pdf

A book of giants- tales of very tall men of myth, legends, history, and science (1922).pdf

A Book of Myths (1901).pdf

A catechism of mythology (1832).pdf

A child's guide to mythology (1908).pdf

A dictionary of classical antiquities, mythology, religion, literature & art (1899).pdf

A dramatic version of Greek myths and hero tales (1912).pdf

A hand-book of classical geography, chronology, mythology, and antiquities (1861).pdf

A handbook of legendary and mythological art (1871).pdf

A hand-book of mythology - the myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome (1886).pdf

A handbook of Norse mythology (1913).pdf

A Handy Classical and Mythological Dictionary for Popular Use (1884).pdf

A Handy dictionary of mythology for everyday readers (1897).pdf

A journey in Southern Siberia, the Mongols, their religion and their myths (1909).pdf

A legend of Marathon (1888).pdf

A manual of mythology in the form of question and answer (1868).pdf

A new Christmas legend (1916).pdf

A new system, or, An analysis of ancient mythology (MDCCLXXV-MDCCLXXVI [1775-1776]).pdf

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume I..pdf

A study of the Thaïs legend with special reference to Hrothsvitha's Paphnutius (1922).pdf

Acadian legends and lyrics (1889).pdf

Adam and Eve, history or myth (1904).pdf

Aeschylus' Prometheus bound and The seven against Thebes (c1897).pdf


Age of Chivalry Or, Legends of King Arthur (1874).pdf

And many more!!!

No one has a Mythology collection like this. You will never see the world the same again after spending time on these amazing books.

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $15 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.

Books are on 2 data DVD's. You must have a computer in order to use or transfer the files on to your reading devices. DVD's will not work in DVD players. You must have a DVD reader on your computer to access the files and share them on your prefered reading devices


  • A collection of MANY old books with every page scanned. Scans are in PDF ebook format and put on disc (Data DVD). Instant downloads are also available if you do not wish to wait for discs in the mail.