This is the most comprehensive rare book collection available online for Jewish/Hebrew conent. Whether you want to learn Hebrew, learn of Judaism as a religion or learn of their history and culture, its all here. The jewel of this collection is a 12 volume encyclopedia (tons of content). I did not include any anti-semetic books in this collection.

Here we have 429 rare titles...

William_N_Loew_-_Leopold_Loew 1912.pdf
Wolf_Lucien_-_Plan_of_a_dictionary_of_Anglo-Jewish_biography 1887.pdf
Wood_C_T_-_A_Hebrew_grammar 1920.pdf
Zionism and Jewish culture (1915).pdf
Zionism and liberal Judaism (1911).pdf
Zionism_and_the_Jewish_future_by_various_writers_with_two_maps 1916.pdf
Zirndorf_Henry_-_The_thanksgiving_of_the_patriot 1877.pdf
Zoroastrianism and Judaism (1918).pdf
A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews (1904).pdf
A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The Hebrew Language Ernest Klein 1987 OCR.pdf
A critical grammar of the Hebrew language (1841).pdf
A grammar of the Hebrew language (1835).pdf
A Hebrew and English dictionary, containing all the Hebrew and Chaldee words used in the Old Testament arranged under one alphabet (1839).pdf
A Hebrew grammar for beginners (1908).pdf
A Hebrew primer; adapted to the Merchant Taylors' Hebrew Grammar (1878).pdf
A history of the religion of Judaism 500 to 200 B.C (18--).pdf
A missionary's return to Judaism ; the truth about the Christian missions to the Jews (1915).pdf
A new practical Hebrew grammar with Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew exercises and a Hebrew chrestomathy (1872).pdf
A rational of the ritual of the Hebrew worship (1816).pdf
A short survey of the literature of rabbinical and mediæval Judaism (1920).pdf
A vocabulary, Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian (1814).pdf
A_Souvenir_of_the_Rev_Dr_ALowy_s_eightieth_birthday 1896.pdf
Abba_Hillel_Silver_-_A_history_of_messianic_speculation_in_Israel 1927.pdf
Abbott_G_F_-_Israel_in_Europe 1907.pdf
Abigail_Lindo_-_A_Hebrew_and_English_and_English_and_Hebrew_Dictionary 1846.pdf
Abrahams_Israel_-_The_book_of_delight_and_other_papers 1912.pdf
Addison_-_The_present_state_of_the_Jews 1676.pdf
Adeney_J_H_-_The_Jews_of_Eastern_Europe 1921.pdf
Adler_-_Casanowicz_-_Descriptive_catalogue_of_a_collection_of_objects_of_Jewish_ceremonial_deposited 1901.pdf
Adler_Cyrus_-_The_voice_of_America_on_Kishineff 1904.pdf
Adler_Elkan_Nathan_-_Auto_de_fe_and_Jew 1906.pdf
Adler_H_-_The_chief_rabbis_of_England 1899.pdf
Adler_Marcus_N_-_The_Adler_family 1909.pdf
Aguilar_Emanuel_-_The_ancient_melodies_of_the_liturgy_of_the_Spanish_and_Portuguese_jews 1857.pdf
Aguilar_Grace_-_The_spirit_of_judaism_Sema_Jisra-el 1914.pdf
Ahad_Ha_Am_-_Selected_essays 1912.pdf
Albert_M_Hyamson_-_A_history_of_the_Jews_in_England 1908.pdf
Albert_T_Clay_-_A_Hebrew_Deluge_story_in_cuneiform 1922.pdf
Allen_John_-_Modern_judaism_or_a_brief_account_of_the_opinions_traditions_rites_and_ceremonie 1830.pdf
An_account_of_the_conversion_of_Theodore_John_a_late_teacher_among_the_Jews 1693.pdf
An_open_letter_addressed_to_Sir_Moses_Montefiore_Baronet 1875.pdf
Baskerville_Beatrice_C_-_The_Polish_Jew 1906.pdf
Bible ethics - a manual of instruction in the history and principles of Judaism, according to the Hebrew scriptures (1884).pdf


And many more!!!

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $20 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.

Books are on 3 data DVD's. You must have a computer in order to use or transfer the files on to your reading devices. DVD's will not work in DVD players. You must have a DVD reader on your computer to access the files and share them on your preferred reading devices


  • A collection of MANY old books with every page scanned. Scans are in PDF ebook format and put on disc (Data DVD). Instant downloads are also available if you do not wish to wait for discs in the mail.