This collection is all about ESP, Parapsychology, dreams, fortune telling, Psychic ability, Mediums, out of body experience, astral experiences, etc.

The Occult University Library is proud to present over 200 rare books ...

The spirit rappings, mesmerism, clairvoyance, visions, revelations, startling phenomena(1853).pdf
The survival of Jesus; a priest's study in divine telepathy (1917).pdf
The survival of man; a study in unrecognized human faculty (1920).pdf
The Universal fortune teller ; being sure and certain directions for discovering the secrets of futurity (1860).pdf
The unknown guest (1914).pdf
The Verdict ; A Study of the Probable Origin of Certain Physic Phenomena (1920).pdf
The widow's mite and other psychic phenomena (1904).pdf
The witches' dream book and fortune teller (1885).pdf
The witches of New York (1859).pdf
Thought transference; a critical and historical review of the evidence for telepathy (1905).pdf
Thoughts on things psychic (1911).pdf
Totem and Taboo; Resemblances Between the Psychic Lives of Savages and Neurotics (1919).pdf
Truths concerning communication and thought transmission (1913).pdf
Universal spiritualism ; spirit communion in all ages among all nations (1906).pdf
Ventriloquism made easy, also, an exposure of magic, and the second sight mystery (1860).pdf
What Is This Spiritualism (1919).pdf
Your psychic powers and how to develop them (1975).pdf
A course of instruction in the development of power through clairvoyance .. (1901).pdf
A friendly chat and plain talk about mind reading (1905).pdf
A New Approach To Psychical Research (Unknown).pdf
A psychic autobiography (1980).pdf
A scientific demonstration of the future life (1895).pdf
A series of lessons in personal magnetism, psychic influence, thought-force, concentration, will-power and practical mental science (1901).pdf
A theory of the mechanism of survival; the fourth dimension and its applications (1920).pdf
A thought-reader's thoughts, being the impressions and confessions of Stuart Cumberland .. (1888).pdf
A visit to the astral plane (1914).pdf
Adventurings in the psychical (1914).pdf
Afterworld effects; (1922).pdf
AMAZING The mystic oracle, or, The complete fortune-teller and dream book [F.M. Lupton] (1894) AMAZING.pdf
An attempt to explain some of the wonders and mysteries of mesmerism, biology, and clairvoyance (1852).pdf
An explanation of psychic phenomena ; the more excellent way (1911).pdf
Ants and some other insects; an inquiry into the psychic powers of these animals (1904).pdf
Apollonius; or, The present and future of psychical research (19--).pdf
Apparitions and thought-transference; an examination of the evidence for telepathy (1896).pdf
Are the dead alive (1909).pdf
Beyond the borderline of life (1910).pdf
Birth and death, as a change of form of perception; or, The dual nature of man (1886).pdf
Book of knowledge ; psychic facts (1911).pdf
Book of the Psychic Society ; a study of the fourteen unseen powers that control human life (1908).pdf
Borderland of psychical research (1906).pdf
Can telepathy explain ; results of psychical research (1902).pdf
Clairvoyance (1899).pdf
Clairvoyance and Occult Powers (1916).pdf
Clairvoyance and thought-transference (1916).pdf
Clairvoyance as exemplified in 'The fifth force' ; a new philosophy for the guidance of humanity during the coming cycle (c1915).pdf
Clairvoyance; a system of philosophy concerning its law (1899).pdf
Contact with the other world ; the latest evidence as to communication with the dead (1919).pdf

And many more!!!

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Clairvoyance - Dreams - ESP

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