Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, circa 1500-1825.

Author/Creator: Hall, Manly P. (Manly Palmer), 1901-1990.

Creation Date: circa 1500-1825.


This collection is 45 PDF ebooks containing 243 rare manuscripts collected by Manly P. Hall on the subjects of alchemy, hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, and related arts. 10,000 plus pages! This is the largest Alchemical collection available online.

The collection includes most notably: a 16th century Ripley scroll combining painted illustration with an alchemical poem by Ripley; a 17th century French manuscript copy of Michael Maier's "Atalanta fugiens"; a collection of emblematic and mystical drawings and illuminations after Jacob Bo¨hme; an 18th century Pennsylvania Dutch manuscript of Rosicrucian cosmological charts and symbolical images; an 18 volume collection of manuscripts, most translated into English and named after 18th century Dutch Rosicrucian Dr. Sigismond Bacstrom; a collection of 30 manuscripts bound in one volume, reputed to have come from the library of Count Cagliostro; two triangular masonic manuscripts; an early 17th century illuminated Neapolitan manuscript charting the search for the philosopher's stone.

Language: Multiple languages but mainly English

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Books are on 1 data DVD. You must have a computer in order to use or transfer the files on to your reading devices. DVD's will not work in DVD players. You must have a DVD reader on your computer to access the files and share them to your preferred reading devices


Alchemical Manuscripts Collection of Manly P. Hall

  • A collection of MANY old books with every page scanned. Scans are in PDF ebook format and put on disc (Data DVD). Instant downloads are also available if you do not wish to wait for discs in the mail.