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The “Black” man is the most traumatized man in America, but also a sleeping giant!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The “black man” is the most traumatized man in the country, and we dont owe it to systemic evils anywhere near the level as will be apparent here, within the exposure of the pervasive methodical productions of corporate mass media over the last few decades.

We know that trauma is not good for the psyche. And excessive trauma leads a person to have a host of post traumatic stress disorders. I have personal friends and family who act out in various ways due to P.T.S.D. from their service in the military.

I have come to find their post traumatic stress responses virtually identical to those of many of my “black” friends who have never seen a war, in person. And if you are wondering why the word black is in quotations, I will have a “lit” article later that talks about that particular problem.

For now, it is crucial to understand how trauma works, because if you can traumatize people enough, and in the “right” way, you can quite literally mind control them, or at least, always have the upper hand when “dealing with” them, as they are operating out of a fearful psychic chaos, a lower operating frequency.

In the old slave days in America, it was common for a slave “master” to periodically (systemically) whip or beat a slave in front of all of the others. As sick and cruel as this was, we must put our emotions aside to see the method and purpose in it.

This was not about correcting a single slave as much as it was about traumatizing the rest. This single, regular, SYSTEMIC ACT, was extremely useful in keeping a very strong and agile group of people under control. They couldn’t do it physically. It was done psychically.

Fast forward a century and see how the plantation wasnt really ended, but merely expanded to control many other ethnicities, but still none more than “black” people.

As it is the time of year we call “Black History Month”, you will notice streaming services hi-lighting “black” films, or ‘black” stories. As an expert in media, old and new, ancient and electronic, I can tell you that these “black” stories are loaded with trauma, at rates far higher than the average non “black” entertainment you find on the same platform.

Prepare for some uncomfortable truths.

What we call “black” entertainment is hands down, more graphic and perverse. There is more violence of damn near every kind, in the music, and the film. But it wasnt always this way.

Up to the early 90’s, we have plenty of positive “black” role models on TV. They were doctors and lawyers with great family values. Even MAINSTREAM rap music was mostly positive, and even educational, until it went left suddenly, and became “Hollywooded”.

This is when corporations began to demand more sex, violence, and all around perversion of “black” culture to sell.

If you follow the political affiliations, its easy to see how the interests who fought FOR slavery were the same as those who fought AGAINST Civil Rights, AND NOW are the same ones who who have a virtual lock on corporate mainstream and social media.

Read some Malcolm X. He knew what was up!

They will SAY they are for equality, against racism, but simultaneously work behind the scenes with the same old methods of mental enslavement. They are all facade. Its all a show. Its a game of politics.

So, back to TRAUMA.


I implore you to read that again.

I know this, because again, many of my “black” friends exhibit many of the same post traumatic stress disorders as war veterans.

My friend was pulled over one time, and I observed him from the passenger seat nervous as shit. He was jumpy and began to sweat. Do you think that is helpful when dealing with an armed police officer?

I know how his mind was working unconsciously creating a reality that didnt exist. I know he has seen film after film, news clip after news clip, of men who look like him being pulled over. I know the vast majority of those screen fictions didnt end well. That drama is now his trauma!

The mind begins to draw from its bank of experiences, and even though he didnt ever personally see a man being shot or beaten by a cop, he was still triggered, and so his subconscious mind made connections, filling in the blanks with the most un-probable outcome.

Ive had many “black” friends over the years get immediately spooked by police in my presence, changing their behavior in an instant, actually telling on themselves and creating suspicion! Their ill minds actually made things worse, attracting a negative circumstance.

They havent seen anymore police violence than my “white” friends, who I’ve NEVER seen get out of character like that. Ive also been asked “what the fuck are you looking at” At least a hundred times thorughout my life. Never once was it from a “white” guy. That’s paranoia and insecurity.

The mind control is deep!


It rewires the psyche to become chaotic when triggered. It’s trauma based mind control, and no one in this country is more susceptible than the “black” man, who has had a lifetime of electronic reinforcement of bogeymen overwhelming his subconscious minds bank of ACTUAL EXPERIENCES OF ORGANIC REALITY.

I can walk down the street in any urban setting and it wont take more than a few minutes before I see from a distance, a “black” youth walking toward me with headphones on, under a musical spell, gesturing aggressively, mimicking shooting guns, while he can be heard saying the most vile shit.

Does that sound healthy? 13 year olds are memorizing albums in hours with some of the most perverse things you’ve ever heard. They will effortlessly memorize a 3 minute song that has as much text in it as a school teacher may give him for the full day!

They memorize rappers far more than anything useful in school. They will mimick them. Who’s really educating the youth?

There are no more intact and healthy family units for “black” people to see on TV. This is true on a level for everyone, but none more than the “black” family, who, lest we forget, was the strongest family unit before the Civil Rights movement.

There is a lot of math to do there, once you understand that the “black” family is in worse shape than any other family unit today. Corporate mass media will have you forget this fact by promoting sellout celebrities, many unwitting, but still keeping you from understanding what’s going on behind the scenes.

Corporations will promote with cheap words, that “black” live matter, because they know it isn’t substantial. It actually serves to weaken the movement, causing people to let up a bit, because they think they have huge help and influence. But it isnt so.

They still have “blacks” ingesting far more trauma than any other group in America. They wont change that. Saying that they are in support of racial justice and equality is cheap rhetoric, and does nothing.

That is where the real “white” supremacy is. That is why on January 6th, 2020, so many poor traumatized souls believed that if there were “blacks” storming the Capitol, they would have been shot.

What a shame! Because there were “blacks” arrested for storming the Capitol. Mainstream media hid that from the public. Looks like their mind control is working to “keep blacks in their place”.

Know your history!

DRAMA IS TRAUMA UNDER THE GUISE OF ENTERTAINMENT. And no one is ingesting more of it on a personal level than “black” America.

You want to see some real violence committed against “blacks” then go to Chicago and start asking some questions, like why its been ground zero in America for “black” on “black” murder for decades, and why we promote “black” politicians from there, who didnt help it one bit, to the highest office in the land.

But do those “black” lives matter in Chicago? Where is corporate America on that story? It has been and continues to be the epicenter of “black” death in this country. I dont think its right to expect that politicians form there lecture the rest of the country on racism and equality.

Why are there more “black” babies aborted than born in some states? Why are there abortion clinics all over “black” neighborhoods?

We need to wake up! We’ve been tragically distracted with entertainment and false idols for too long!

Through it, they have to do the most to “blacks”, because if they ever broke free from that mind control, learning to heal traumas, rather than having old wounds constantly opened, having victimhood mentality reinforced, they would become the force the rest of the free world needs to win many of our freedoms and liberties back.

The “black” man is the most traumatized man in the country, but realizing his invisible chains, healing, and becoming educated, he becomes a supreme force, and again, one that America desperately needs. He is a sleeping giant.

With love,


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