Reading - A Magical Practice That is More Important Now Than Ever During This Pandemonium.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

What does it mean to read?

Im not asking for the dictionary definition, or the more lazily achieved, possible newspeak definition by Google. I mean, what is it to READ?

Well, as it pertains to books, it is to scan text, using ones frontal lobe, ones critical faculties, in order to turn various characters into images and derive meaning from them. This process isnt respected, as it should be these days.

In an age of dwindling attention spans due to everything from increasingly poor diet to technology, reading is becoming a lost ART. Where we used to operate mentally in a much higher brain frequency, in the frontal lobe, we have begun to recess those higher frequency abilities, especially during this “pandemic”.

Our frontal lobes are becoming softer.

We are quite literally becoming weaker at critical thinking and CREATIVE imagination. Rather than scanning text and using our own INNER IMAGING device to CREATE images from meaningless characters, we now ingest the already electronically made imaginations of strangers.

The act of watching television, or simply passively ingesting screen media, lowers our brain wave state to alpha. This is the same brainwave state that is desired in textbook hypnotism. This state lulls the critical faculties, and leaves ones subconscious mind vulnerable for implants, which will change the person over time.

Among the ways in which they change is, by becoming less critically and creatively minded. Their critical faculties become weaker. The part of their brain that normally makes us more intelligent than apes, disappears over time.

Reading isnt just done with books.

We scan every part of our reality in the same way, trying to make sense of the various characters, creating a picture with our inner imaging faculties. So now you can see how reading books, regardless of the content, helps electrify, practice, and thus strengthen the faculties of the brain needed to make sense of things.

A reader of books has many advantages, critical and CREATIVE, over the average person, who passively ingests hours of screen media a day, and who likely hasnt read a single book in the last decade.

While we all create and consume psychically on some level, we cannot become great creators while consuming at the level of the average person. This is why creativity is dwindling like mad these days. Consuming the already made, and increasingly mesmerizing and lush images of others makes sure of it.

Mass media is a trap in more ways than I have time to write about here. Think about the fact that I havent even talked about the effects of the contents of said media, almost all from the same corporations and banking entities that have been heavily invested in our consumerism for decades, which has had nothing but detrimental effects on us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Reading helps develop a wall, a barrier against bullshit.

And if you read the right books, you gain extra lenses in which to see and decipher reality for the rest of your life. You cant do that with passive screen media consumption. Instead, you merely adopt the imagination of strangers, namely, corporations. Its done mostly unconsciously, through methodical repetition of crafty liberal artistry, in various programs you wouldnt think were connected on any level, but are.

And what about the fact that screen devices quite literallay kill Pineal Gland functionality? FOLLOW THE SCIENCE ON THIS! That is your INNER IMAGING DEVICE. The screens essentially kill the function of the Pineal Gland by BECOMING THE PINEAL, a Pineal directed by Whoeverthefuck!

It becomes a TV IN YOUR HEAD!

Mind control is real folks! Our brains are quite literallly devolving, and few of us understand the importance of maintaining our psychic abilities. We are under a fierce attack by black magicians and their mass media.

The televisions became really cheap in 2019 didnt they?

And then the lockdowns of 2020 followed. Now people are stuck in their homes receiving electronically induced hallucinations like never before, full of highly propagandized, dangerously divisive, bullshit.

Are you awake yet? We are being programmed like never before!

Zombies are real folks, and not being able to SEE that is exactly what this article is about. THEY feed you these extra fantastical imaginations so much that you deny their existence in reality. You think it only happens in fantasy films. You are unable to use that critical mind and the inner imaging device to see reality for what it is.

Zombies are real. They just look like this on the “inside”. And so are conspiracies by powerful people!

This is precisely why you cant reason with them about conspiracies. They dont have the ability to think and imagine that corporations would in fact conspire against us, as if the word conspiracy exists for no reason, as if conspiring isnt the norm in corporations and government.

They can only see as far as mainstream screens and the fantasy realities projected by corporations - corporations that they tragically believe suddenly care about them during this “pandemic”, who with their mighty powers over our minds and actions, dont even use 1% of that influence to alter minds to eat healthier or exercise.

Nope! But they have these pills and vaccines for you!

Protect and maintain your magic!

Protect your psyche from the current onslaught. Increase brain frequency and avoid the low density existence of the masses under their media. Read more literature, and you will read your environments better.

Need books? We can help! Get them while Big Tech still allows.

With love,

Doc de Lux

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