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Black History Doesnt Mean What You Think...

Black History is LITerally History that is "void of light", or "unlit history".

Thats right, as the great philosopher Joe Biden once said, "YOU AINT BLACK".

I joke! But there is truth in what that idiot said, even if he didnt understand it.

Black is literally originally (according to the oldest etymological sources) defined as "void of light", and all one has to do is follow the science on this to understand why so many people have been unfortunately spelled into believing they are black. The word was originally used to denote things of a negative nature. Today is no different when you see how we use it.

When we name a thing, properly, we name it what constitutes it, right? We name a thing for what it is, not for what it appears to be. This makes deeply melanated people calling themselves black, a misnomer.

The darker a thing appears, or the more melanin present, the more light is contained in the thing, or person. #SCIENCE!

Imagine accepting a label from people who cant see you, who are ignorant of you, a label that is synonymous with virtually everything negative in the culture. Read that again!

Who called the first Africans black?

It certainly was not themselves. It was people who "saw" them APPEAR as black/void of light. But the only void was in their own vision, because the surface of the beholded's skin absorbed virtually all visible light, reflecting none, and leaving the actual light void with the beholder!

Isnt it disrespectful to name a thing for what it appears to be, rather than what it is?

Dont call me Bill because I look like Bill. I am Doc! And if Im not Bill...

And "Black History Month" is "Unlit/Hidden/Occult History Month"

I will now luminate exactly how modern day Media Sorcerers have kept a certain crucial history hidden from those they call black (but really everyone) in order to maintain control over their minds.

I once overheard a group of well melanated friends of mine talking politics. They were talking the typical CNN race baiting way left nonsense, and so I decided to drop a hammer on them.

I asked, "how do you guys feel about the Founding Fathers of The United States of America"?

It was a unanimous negative response. It was all based on decades of "education" and "entertainment". As far as they were concerned, those men were just racists, bigots, and rapists.

I responded, "OK, well dont YOU have the last name Hamilton, and YOU Jefferson, and YOU Franklin? And I know that not all of you are biologically related to those men, but some of you ARE, and even if not, you still bear the name. Arent you interested in the WORKS of these men"?

HELL NO! That was basically the response. They couldnt get over the horrors they have been conditioned with.

I then told them, "that is exactly what their problem was. The Work of those men holds a very precious key to their mental freedom! Their emotions have been used against them to keep them ignorant of their liberating Work.

I explained it to them another way.

Imagine that there existed a man who studied science for decades, and finally came up with a cure to multiple diseases. However, this man led a very unsavory life. There are stories of him being a woman beater and even a murderer.

What if, decades after his discoveries, people well invested in Pharma spent tremendous amounts of money and energy in order to build a perception of the man which reduced his life's work to his occasional spurts of violence? Doing this would increase disease in the population, leading people to seek Pharma for a cure they could have likely attained without them.

We know that masses "think" emotionally, so this would work to keep the mans discoveries hidden to virtually everyone in the society except for those well educated in science and its history. And as we can see during our current predicament, those people are easily bought, and the rest silenced in fear, censored and defamed.

I too, am censored highly for sharing hidden history and current events. Its not because Im ignorant.

There is a reason why the education system pumps out students who are completely ignorant of the Works of the very people who are responsible for the most successful empire in recorded history. I can ask 1000 high school graduates for a George Washington quote, or even a thought of his, and I would bet 1000 will fail.

That is tragic. That is Blacked History!

Dont get me wrong! Im not here advocating for the idolization of these men. I do not care for these men aside from their Works, and the Works alone. Give me a good scientific formula, and I will cherish it, and never concern myself about what kind of man its creator was.

What good would that be?

The men who founded The United States of America were the most intelligent and learned men on the planet at the time. There wasnt a topic they didnt philosophize on. The main one being RIGHTS AND FREEDOM.


And for people so concerned with slavery, historical and current, it would behoove them to get familiar with that Work. Their libraries are full of pinnacle knowledge on rights and freedoms. From that time and on, we have done nothing but IGNORE their works, which has resulted in so much unwitting suffering, and empowering of evil.

These men, who we are taught to hate, and have no concern for their actual Works, all read and wrote in many languages, pulling knowledge from all over the world. They birthed a time we call THE ENLIGHTENMENT. They were obsessed with learning. They authored books on everything from critical thinking to common sense.

Imagine a modern politician authoring a book on how to think critically! Thats the last thing they want! We would see right through their DEMagoguery.

The founders told us that government is evil by nature, and should be kept as small as possible, because a bigger government is evidence that the people are increasingly less able to do things for themselves. The people grow more immoral and weak. They knew that government was bondage.

Look at us now! Look at how inflated our government is. Look at how ignorant everyone is about rights and freedoms. We have become psychologically inverted, literally feeding evil with our ignorance.

And why? Because the men who founded this country and birthed the Enlightenment were racists? We are throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

The greatest thing the people we call "black" can do today is read the founding fathers on rights and freedoms. The knowledge will reveal so much hidden evil - evil that has become unfortunately intimate and familiar, posing as helpful, but highly vampiric.

The people we call "black" today had the strongest family units in this country just before they fought for their Civil Rights. Isnt it peculiar how the strongest families became the weakest in just a few decades?

It wasnt Trump who screwed them over. It wasnt Republicans, who had the first "black" senators 100 years before Democrats. The KKK isnt relevant anymore. You dont have to sit at the back of the bus.

The chains of "black" enslavement (but really all of ours on some level, but none more than "black" people) are mental, not physical.

The things they control our emotions about occult and obscure events and truths that can empower us. This is why they are working double time with the propaganda these days.

They cant afford you thinking and conversing about these things, and certainly not reading.

A sad fact is that African Americans are among the most illiterate in the country, while at the same time claiming a culture that puts out far more words than any other. Rap music has far more words per song on average, and more songs per artist.


Ive seen, and BEEN, the kid who memorized full albums in a just a couple of days. And looking back, it was some of the worst shit a human can phsychically ingest and STORE. I dont recall memorizing anything in school as much as I memorized useless and based rap lyrics that did nothing but degrade my ability to read and communicate in the long run.

Think about how many books worth of shit is in our youths minds via the Trojan Horse of what we now call music. This is a relatively new thing in Humanity, remember that.

Just 100 years ago, we didnt have such a psychic bombardment. People read more. People sat alone more, reflecting with their own thoughts.

Reading also enhances your frontal lobe, increasing creative imagination, as well. It makes our brains work better, period.

So there it is, for today, the "black" history we really need to bring to light.

With love,


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