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What is The O.U.L.?

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The Occult University Library is a collection of rare books and ancient/sacred texts, lectures, audio books and instructionals that I have personally collected or scanned over the years. Many of these works are scans of books that cost thousands or more for the original, and many more can no longer be found for sale. The total value of this collection is well over $100,000, but to the true seeker of knowledge, these books are priceless. All books are in PDF format so they can be read on Ipads, E-readers, Kindle, Android Tablets, Mac and PC’s.

This type of literature is much too important to just download random word processed files off of the internet. Many of them have typos, missing passages, and many more are purposely altered. 

With our scans, the text is in the right place, just as the author intended, as well as any artwork. You never know if some books are coded, or may be examined with a compass & square, for instance.

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Since the average age of these books is 150 years, there are no copyrights. This presents amazing opportunity. You may print and bind your own books for resale, or just build your own physical library. The majority of these scans have texts files in them, so you can easily copy the text in order to print in quality. You can even use your own artwork. The possibilities are endless.


Again, these collections are immensely valuable just for the knowledge they contain. You will not find these types of book at Barnes and Noble.

We not only take the work out of the search, but we offer books at mere pennies each. 


The Occult University Library, essentially, is the new Great Library Of Alexandria.

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